March 27, 2018



Thank you for your interest in getting involved with Operation Valor!  OpValor volunteers are critical to our mission to help service members and their families.  As a true 100% all-volunteer team, our small staff depends on people just like you to help us with events and to spread the word about our programs and events.  We are so grateful that you are interested in joining our team!

Our Volunteer Force is located across the entire U.S. but we do have a concentration here in the state of Texas.  Keep reading for more information!

What We Do

Operation Valor puts on athletic events around the country and calendar to help raise awareness for veteran’s issues such as PTSD and TBI.  In 2016 the Internal Revenue Service stated that there were between 46,000 -47,000 veteran-oriented non-profit organizations in the U.S.  Often, people would LIKE to help, but the number of options is so overwhelming, they don’t know where to start.  And, as some high-visibility non-profits have been exposed in recent years for poor fiscal responsibility, they also don’t know who to trust.  Operation Valor fully vets each and every one of our yearly beneficiaries.  This way our supporters have full confidence that the dollars they donate are maximized to help our nation’s veterans.