Extortion 17 Memorial Fitness Challenge


Stage #2 of the 3 part Operation Valor – 2018 Heroes Series!

3 workouts together to test your strength, speed, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning!

Scoring and Leaderboard by Throwdowns @  http://throwdowns.me/Extortion2018
Scoring is Placement Based.  Fixed points are earned based upon which place you finish in relation to all other competitors in your division.

Men’s Rx Open
Women’s Rx Open
Men’s Rx Masters (40+)
Women’s Rx Masters (40+)
Team Rx Open (2 men, 2 women)


Comes with a free tshirt!


Extortion 1-7 : WOD #1 – “HONOR”
Modality: Endurance

AMRAP in 31 minutes

8 Thrusters (155# / 105#)
6 Deadlifts (155# / 105#)
11 Box Jumps  (30″ / 24″)

Score = total number of reps fully completed within time


Extortion 1-7 : WOD #2 – “THUNDERBOLT”
Modality: Strength

Workout consists of three 4 minute rounds. In each 4 minute round you acquire 12 calories for men/10 calories for women on the assault bike as quickly as possible. In the remaining time you execute a 1 rep max lift of the listed movements. You can make as many attempts as possible in the remaining time of that round after the calories have been acquired. Jerk and Back squat are out of the rig or power rack, deadlifts are from the floor.

There is no rest between rounds.  Once the 4:00 clock ends on the Jerk section, the 4:00 clock on the Back Squat Sections begins IMMEDIATELY.  Same for the Deadlift section.

The score is the total weight lifted overall. Tiebreak is the fastest time off of the last bike.

4:00 min
12/10 cal bike
In remaining time – 1RM Jerk

4:00 min
12/10 cal bike
In remaining time – 1RM Back Squat

4:00 min *note time off the bike
12/10 cal bike
In remaining time – 1 RM Deadlift

Score is total weight lifted overall


Extortion 1-7 WOD #3 “Broken-Unbroken”
Modality: Strength
For this workout, choose a bar and and a weight (record this as your total weight). As quickly as possible, perform 17 shoulder to overhead reps using any technique(Push press, strict press, jerk). Then re-position the bar and perform 30 front squats. Following the front squats repeat 17 shoulder to overhead reps.
Movements must be unbroken. You may rest at any stage but you may not put the bar down. Score is your heaviest weight divided by the time taken to complete the entire workout.
17 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Front Squat
17 Shoulder to Overhead
For time
Must be unbroken
Score is weight/time (in seconds)


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The 2018 Extortion 17 Memorial Fitness Challenge | hosted by Operation Valor


“On August 6, 2011, a U.S. Army CH-47D Chinook helicopter approached a landing zone in Afghanistan 40 miles southwest of Kabul. The helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, was on a mission to reinforce American and coalition special operations troops. It would never return. Insurgents fired at the Chinook, severed one of its rear rotor blades, and brought it crashing to the ground. All 38 onboard perished instantly in the single greatest moment of sacrifice for Americans in the war in Afghanistan. Those killed were some of the U.S.’s most highly trained and battle-honed commandos, including 15 men from the Gold Squadron of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, known popularly as SEAL Team 6, which had raided a Pakistan compound and killed Osama bin Laden just three months earlier.”  — Ed Darack  The Final Mission of Extortion 17


ALL net proceeds will benefit:
31 Heroes
Navy SEAL Foundation
Operation Enduring Warrior
Combat Wounded Coalition
Raider Project


Join us in celebration of the lives of the 31 brave men who were taken from us on the last flight of Extortion 17.


What is a “Fitness Challenge”?

Modeled after The CrossFit Games™ and other, similar CrossFit™ competitions around the world, our Fitness Challenges are, simply put, tests.  Each of our 3 competitions will be composed of 3 workouts targeting: strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning.  These workouts are made up of a broad range of different functional movements.  You will lift heavy weights.  You will move your body through space.  And, you will work in aerobic and anaerobic work ranges.  And…you’ll do this for time and for total reps.


How does a “Fitness Challenge” work?

1. You register here for your spot.  Space IS limited.
2. There will be (3) workouts for you to complete.  One per week.
3. The first workout (E17.2018.1) will be released here (and via email) on August 2nd at 8pm central.  All competitors will then have 7 fulls days to complete that workout.
4. You may repeat any workout as many times as you like WITHIN the announced date window for that workout.  NOTE: submitted workouts must be complete.  You may NOT splice together bits of different workouts together!
5. You record your workout. (OPTIONAL. For podium consideration ONLY)
6. Submit your race time at the Throwdowns.com link provided with your registration.  (OPTIONAL. For podium consideration ONLY)
7. We post your score on our leader board.
8. The second (E17.2018.2) and third (E17.2018.3) workouts will be released on August 10th and August 17th, respectively, at 8pm central time.
9. Competition tshirts will be sent out to everyone one a first in, first out basis.


The Competition window is: (August 3rd – August 23rd)

Aug 05 : E17.18.1 released
Aug 06 – Aug 12 : Competitive window for E17.18.1
Aug 12 : E17.18.2 released
Aug 13 – Aug 19 : Competitive window for E17.18.2
Aug 19 : E17.18.3 released
Aug 20 – Aug 26 : Competitive window for E17.18.3
Aug 27 : E17 Fitness Competition winners announced

Competitor event tshirts are provided to ALL registrants.


Equipment List:

Equipment for each workout will be described in the release notes for each event at the time of announcement.  Workouts are designed to be easily accommodated by the standard equipment found in any cross functional fitness facility. Weights will be described in pounds and it is the athletes responsibility to use the appropriate competition weight.

  • Pull up rig or bar set to a height allowing correct range of movement for the technique prescribed in the workout
  • Regulation Olympic weightlifting bar: 20kg/45lbs for Men, 15kg/35 lbs for women
  • Appropriate Bumper or steel regulation plates with marked weights to meet prescribed workout parameters
  • Assault bike or equivalent Stationary Bike w/ monitor for calories and distance
  • Concept 2 rower or equivalent Stationary Bike w/ monitor for calories and distance
  • Standard weight Dumbbells
  • Standard weight kettlebells (see chart for alternate descriptions of weights)


In Memorium:

Army Sergeant Alexander J Bennett

Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Darrik C Benson

Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Brian R Bill

Air Force Para Rescue Tech Sergeant, John W Brown

Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Christopher G. Campbell

Army Chief Warrant Officer 4, David R Carter

Petty Officer 1st Class, Information Systems Technician, Jared W Day

Navy Master at Arms, Petty Officer 1st Class John “Jet Li” Douangdara

Army Specialist Spencer C Duncan

Chief Petty Officer, SEAL John W Faas

Army Staff Sergeant Patrick D Hamburger

Staff Sergeant, Air Force Combat Control Team Andrew W Harvell

Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Kevin A Houston

Lieutenant Commander, SEAL Jonas B Kelsall

Master Chief, SEAL, Louis “Lou” J Langlais

Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Matthew D Mason

Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Steven “Matt” M Mills

Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bryan J Nichols

Chief Petty Officer, EOD Nicholas H Null

Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Jesse D Pittman

Senior Chief, SEAL Thomas A Ratzlaff

Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Robert J Reeves

Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Heath M Robinson

Petty Officer 2nd Class, SEAL Nicholas P Spehar

Petty Officer 1st Class, Cryptologist Technician Michael J Strange

Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Jon “JT” Tumilson

Petty Officer 1st Class, SEAL Aaron C Vaughn

Senior Chief, EOD Kraig M K Vickers

Chief Petty Officer, SEAL Jason R Workman

Air Force ParaRescue Tech Sergeant, Daniel L Zerbe

Bart, K-9

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Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's Masters (40+), Women's Masters (40+)