2018 Operation Valor VIRTUAL RUNS!!

Over the past 4+ years that we’ve been doing this, one of the strongest pieces of feedback we’ve gotten is that people would LOVE to participate, but, they just can’t physically make it out to Glen Rose to join us in person.  Hence…our Virtual Run was created back in 2016 to give everyone a way to participate and even compete!


This year we’re bringing you more OPTIONS!  Sign up for our traditional 5K…or…take on a bigger challenge with our 10K and Half-marathon options!  Feel like a real challenge…DO ALL THREE and earn our “Trifecta” finisher’s medal as well! And on top of that, we have THREE “groups” of virtual runs spread out over the rest of the year!


The first VR group, from June 14th until July 4th, is in honor of the 19 men lost on Operation Red Wings.  The second runs from August 3rd until August 23rd and will celebrate the lives of those 31 warriors lost on board Extortion 17 in 2011.  And naturally, our third event and conclusion to the 2018 Operation Valor –  Tribute Series will be in memory of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his close friend Chad Littlefield, and held from October 15th until November 5th.


ALL of these Virtual Runs can be found on our website at:



Each VR is only $25.00 and comes with a finisher’s medal corresponding to the event(s) and distance(s) you register for!  Meaning, the 10K finisher’s medal you get for our Operation Red Wings 5K is completely and totally different than the finisher’s medal for the Extortion 17 5K!  And, to make it even easier for you to sign up now, we have enormously discounted COMBOS for those of you wanting to join us and save! Please see the event listings in our store for more photos and details!  


Please note that the Virtual Race Competition is TOTALLY OPTIONAL.  If you sign up for the VR, you are not, in ANY way, required to join the competition or officially submit your results to us.  You are free to complete your run(s) whenever you like and however you like. BUT….if you’d like to see how you stack up…we will have these exceptionally sharp trophy plaques for the Top 3 finishers in each division!


Note: Operation Valor is a 100% All-Volunteer organization.  Which means that every last dollar possible goes to helping veterans all over our nation.  This year, 100% of our net proceeds will go to:

Navy SEAL Foundation

Lone Survivor Foundation

Operation Enduring Warrior

Combat Wounded Coalition

The Raider Project

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

31 Heroes Project

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