March 27, 2018

Board of Directors

Sean Valigura

Sean Valigura – Chairman and Executive Director

Sean Valigura is a U.S. Navy veteran (Boatswain’s Mate) and served abord the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67). He comes from a long family line of military service, Sean’s father served 23 years in the USAF, one uncle served 30 years in the USMC, another uncle served in the Navy, and one more in the Coast Guard…and all are Vietnam veterans. Raised and serving on military bases all over the world, Sean has a profound respect for all those that serve, and have served, our great nation.

Sean has spent the last 20 years in Austin, Tx. working in the computer industry for notables such as Dell Computer, Advanced Micro Devices, and RingCentral.

Sean started the grassroots effort that would become Operation Valor back in mid-2014 with a singular focus…supporting our nation’s veterans in need.

Mike Marshall – Treasurer

Mike Marshall is a member of the Operation Valor board. As one of the few members to not have enlisted in the armed forces, he brings 24 years of experience in working with of one of the largest global technology companies providing product solutions to higher education institutions across the eastern half of the United States to the organization.

Mike comes from a proud United States Marine Corps family and has grown up around military families and friends, seeing first hand the types of issues that Operation Valor fights against all his life. He also enjoys light snacks of Crayola ™ brand crayons.

He is an avid sports shooter, runner, and obstacle course racer dedicated to raising the visibility and success of the organization.

Jerry Richardson – Littlefield family representative

Jerry Richardson is a professional educator who currently works with special needs students to build confidence and success in the Science curriculum that coincides with each students Individual Education Plan (IEP). Jerry believes every student can learn and be successful, if given the right motivation and guidance. He has completed his 26th year in education where he holds a BS in PE/Health (Texas Tech University) and a MA in Education Administration (Prairie View A&M University). Along this journey, Jerry has become certified in Earth and Life Sciences, and has taught Biology, Environmental Science in the regular class room setting, been an Assistant Principal, Mentor/Instructional Coach and a Coach on the field after school. He hopes to continue another 20 years. During his early Football coaching days, Jerry was honored to assist the High School coaching duties where his baby brother, Chad Littlefield, played. “Dad coached at a different district and after his retirement, It was great having family together on a Friday night. Mom and Dad (Judy and Don Littlefield) in the stands, me on the press box filming and watching Chad play. Family together has always been important to us”

Jerry was honored to not only be asked to sit on the board for Operation Valor but to participate in a memorial run that honored his brother and his friend where they were tragically killed at Rough Creek Lodge. This run was in conjunction with the Spartan Race called the “Beast”. The irony is that Jerry had not trained or worked out since 1997 and he was going to do this event, 14 mile course with 36 obstacles, to honor Chad and help veterans with the proceeds collected for the event. You see that’s how Chad died on 2/2/2013 he was killed serving our veterans here at home. While Jerry endured the 10 hour journey with some wounded veterans, he realized that his pain was nothing that they have endured and so he continued with moments of emotional sobs, he knows it was Chad giving spiritual words of encouragement. “don’t you quit you big wimp …I know he was saying the whole day”. Since the day of his brother’s death, Jerry wants to continue Chads Legacy helping veterans and being an advocate where needed. “Not only can I be a servant leader in the education field, but I can serve those, like Chad did, here at home”.

Marcus Growden – Secretary

Fighting for Veteran’s, Remembering their sacrifice, Honoring their memories Marcus Growden is a professional Chef and Kitchen Manager who currently works with the Homeless and the hungry by providing a free breakfast and lunch daily to combat the hopeless that many people feel in their daily lives.  Marcus helps with the emotional and daily needs to all people in helping them live each day to it’s fullest.  He is a true jack of all trades and master of none.  He is a certified Food Manager for the State of Texas, has worked in Retail and business for over 30 years as a Inside Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, and is also a proud veteran of the Unites States Coast Guard.

Because his family has a deep history in serving in the military from as far back as the Civil War he has a strong and profound love for the men and women of the Armed Services and looks forward to honoring and remembering the sacrifices these men and women have made.

Marcus was honored to be a part of the Kyle+Littlefied Memorial Run in 2016, first as a volunteer, then as a Director and finally an a member of the Board of Directors for the non-profit foundation Operation Valor.  Marcus believes vehemently that it is our duty to remember all of our fallen heroes and to honor them by participating in events like The Fallen heroes Memorial Run to help raise money AND awareness for Veteran’s charities that serve our military men and women most in need to recover from their battle wounds, PTSD, TBI, and all physical and emotional issues they have.