Our Mission:
To support veterans in need...physically, mentally, and emotionally.


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2019 Yearly Beneficiaries

Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW)

Operation Enduring Warrior is a veteran-founded non‐profit whose mission is to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded veterans through physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation.

Lone Survivor Foundation (LSF)

The Lone Survivor Foundation restores, empowers, and renews hope for wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.


Adaptive Training Foundation is a 501(c)3 dedicated to being the catalyst of change by expanding the community of support, providing access to specialized adaptive training, and rewriting the narrative of people with physical disabilities.


Allowing our warriors to focus on their training and deployment with a greater sense of ease knowing that their loved ones have strong support here at home.


Located in West Sayville, New York, on the south shore of Long Island, this site offers an ideal complement to historic maritime history that has been on the property since 1966. The museum will be a world-class, state-of-the-art facility as a memorial and education center.


The Vetted Foundation is the optimal veteran transition platform to transform proven military leaders into tomorrow’s industry leaders. Vetted identifies military talent for transition preparation and planning, Texas-based executive education, and industry placement in the private sector.


From the Chairman:

Historically, we've done just the one event, in late October with Spartan Race to honor and pay tribute to Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. And, over the past 4 years we've grown this beyond even my wildest dreams...thanks to you all!

As a 100% true, all-volunteer organization, there's a very direct and linear relationship between how much work we put in and how much we're therefore able to help our nation's veterans. With that thought in mind, we are..."expanding"...things a bit for 2018!

This year we will be doing THREE events. We will, naturally, continue to do the Fallen Heroes Memorial Run in late October with Spartan Race to honor Chris and Chad. We will also be doing an event in late June around the anniversary of Operation Red Wings to honor those men. And we'll also be doing an event in early August to honor and pay respects to the men lost on Extortion 17.

Each of these events will have a corresponding Virtual Run AND a corresponding Fitness competition! And, with each being different and distinct, each will have it's own artwork, graphics, tshirts and finisher's medals.

Please see our events pages for all the details!!

  • Operation Red Wings Memorial Challenge

    June 14 - July 04

  • Extortion 17 Memorial Challenge

    August 03 - August 23

  • Fallen Heroes Memorial Challenge

    October 15 - November 05

  • 2018 Charity Benefit Gala

    Thursday, October 25